The Customer is the Center of our Preoccupations

We as a product and service provider offer our customers the complete range of individualized advice on business models and market analysis for providing world class products to professional support when participating in tenders. The customer and his project thus will be the focus.

Product Scout and Logistics Partner

Regardless of what product our customers need, we support as a product scout both in the selection, as well as in procurement of the latter. We work hand in hand with experienced and competent logistics partners who always strive on the national, as well as in the international market to provide a comprehensive solution. The importance of logistics has grown rapidly in accordance with the specifications of the German Freight Forwarders and Logistics Association (DSLV) within the industry since the 1990s. In 1995 only one in four companies was active in the sales and logistics and one in five in procurement logistics, this image has changed fundamentally in recent years. Meanwhile, already 83 percent of the transport agency provides logistics services according to their own mention. A variety of German suppliers ensures the provision of the products and the smooth running of logistical organization.

Individual Consulting on Business Models and Market Analysis

The conscious change of existing business models for our customers is the core of our consulting services. With innovative approaches new business models to be created that serve the needs of our customers optimally will open up to them. Business model innovations as well as product and process innovations to find the target help the company to gain a competitive edge over its competitors. It is first necessary to carry out a market analysis to evaluate the current market situation.

Extensive market analyzes contribute greatly to the success of your company and your projects and products. These are absolutely necessary in order to cover the market needs optimally, both in the development of new markets, as well as for the development of new products. With us you have found a partner who will support you in this task and will meet your individual needs.

Public Procurement as a Major Economic Player

The fact that public procurement represents a significant economic factor is shown in an estimate of the European Parliament, in which its share is estimated in the gross domestic product of the Union to more than 16%. Following an opinion of the German Bundestag, the public contracts in Germany amount to between 8% and 14% of gross domestic product and have a total value of 200-360 billion euros in total. To award contracts, public companies can choose between different procurement procedures. Basically, they must select the method of public tender: the purchasing intent is made public and any interested party can submit a bid.

As your partner CIDmedic provides professional support for the participation in tendering procedures and this during the entire process from research through to successful procurement. Tenders are an attractive way for a company to develop new business opportunities in the international arena. To be successful in bidding, it takes experience and deep insights into the international procurement law. Because of our expertise, we can help you to success.

Our Services

First Class Products

Regardless of which product our customers need for their project, we support you in the selection and procurement of the optimal product portfolio. As product scouts, we are always on the pulse of time and advise both our customers and the industry in the development of new markets and the development of products in order to cover the market needs optimally.

From raw materials to industrial materials and products through products needed for your special project up to furnishings and objects for interior design, you need exactly the right product for your application, and we are your partner.

Personal Counseling

Counseling is a conversation, which aims to solve a problem or an issue. Problematic situations are our strength. Problems cannot be solved, simply by thinking about it; you have to act. Solution is the start of something new. The very conscious style transformation of existing business models of our customers is the core of our consulting services. The innovative approaches open up completely new business models with which we can serve our customers’ needs perfectly.

The business model of a company determines fundamentally the limits and the possibilities of the company. It is therefore all the more important to check a business model taking the constant transformation of the market into account and, if necessary to adjust, so that your business is not left behind. Often created business model innovations provide a competitive advantage over competitors. Two well-known examples are the companies Ikea and Dell, both of which have changed through their innovative business models, the basic structures of their industry. Ikea outsources a part of the value chain for customers and Dell does not have to resort to middlemen due to its built-to-order strategy. And if you do not have the intention to change your business model, but rather simply wish to obtain a no-obligation consultation or need an extensive market analysis – even then – we are the right partner for you.

Professional Support in the Participation in Tendering Procedures

Tenders are an attractive option for companies to develop new business opportunities in an international environment. To be successful in the tender procedures, it takes experience and in-depth insight into the international procurement law. We support companies with our know-how throughout the entire process from research through to successful procurement.

A total value of about 250 billion euros in public contracts is awarded annually, which corresponds to approximately 10% of Germany’s gross domestic product. Tender procedures are not only reserved to the public sector that must use them statutorily, but they are also more and more used in the commercial and private sectors with the aim of minimizing the costs. The award is made according to national and international public procurement law. The aim of the public procurement law of the European Union is to ensure a free and equal access to public contracts for all European businesses. To ensure the success of a bid, it is therefore necessary to have extensive knowledge and relevant experience with the underlying regulations. Put your trust in us as your competent partner for tenders.



Regardless of which product our customers need for their project – we support you in the selection and procurement of the optimal product portfolio. As product scouts we are always on the pulse of time and advise both our customers and the industry in the development of new markets and the development of products in order to cover the market needs optimally.


Counseling is a conversation, which aims to solve a problem or an issue. Problematic situations are our strength. Problems cannot be solved, simply by thinking about it; you have to act. Solution is the start of something new. The very conscious style transformation of existing business models of our customers is the core of our consulting services. The innovative approaches open up completely new business models with which we can serve our customers’ needs perfectly…

One-Stop-Shop for Tenders


Tenders are an attractive option for companies to develop new business opportunities in an international environment. To be successful with tenders, it takes experience and in-depth insights into the international procurement law. We support companies with our expertise throughout the process of research up to the successful procurement.

Our Workflow

Our path leads directly to the potential customers. In doing so the search costs are eliminated, which is why we are looking into the German market on a European public procurement platform? It may be resorted to a platform that adapts the communication and the individual steps of procurement to a fixed structure and facilitates transactions throughout Europe. Both the electronic submission of the tender, as well as providing the necessary documents and any further communications, is controlled steps with respect to the application process, the award of contracts, or the cancellation of an award.

One of the sources of information for European tenders is TED – Tenders Electronic Daily. TED is the platform for the publication of any information related to alerts for exceeding the threshold, and to the accompanying procurement procedures. When it comes to national tenders, is the portal for information and services regarding public tenders and other information and service offers of public institutions. However, apart from these two publicly available sources of information, we can draw on a variety of other information that we have collected through our many years of work and can ensure an advantage over your competitors.

European Public Procurement Legislation as the Legal Framework

In European public procurement law, there is a legal framework which enables at least partially rational treatment of customer requirements as well as takes into account bidder interests. And a winnig contract always gives a customer the highest credit. European public procurement legislation is particularly characterized by the following guidelines: Directive Coordinating the Procurement Procedures and the Successful Distribution to Client, Directive for the Right to Appeal Applications, Directive on the Coordination of Procurement Procedures in the Fields of Defense and Security, and the Energy Efficiency Directive. Furthermore, the guidelines were changed in 2004 by the reform of European public procurement directives of the year, 2014. This applies to the classic procurement directives, the industry directives and the newly added concessions Directive.

A comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the complicated procedures and processes on the market for public services and public procurement, including the general conditions set by the Public Procurement Law, condition a successful participation in the contract. With our know-how and experience you’re one step ahead of your competitor and can get with our help a market advantage. In addition, a successful contract gives a customer the highest credit rating which means additional security for your company.

Thorough Market Analysis

So that we can help your company to strengthen its position in the market as much as possible, it is necessary first to carry out a market analysis. Before taking any market-oriented steps, one needs to proceed to a systematic examination of the relevant market sectors with the aim of information on supply and demand of a product or service of the industry, the customers, the competitors, and other factors. Of course, our know-how and experience will also enable here the success of your business.

Step Analysis

Our experience has shown that companies, for various reasons, avoid participating in procurement procedures. It is necessary first to ascertain whether those reasons are justified. It should be noted that a relatively straightforward participation in a procurement procedure can bring the participants valuable information on the market situation. In the analysis phase, we have a thorough understanding about the range of our customers and the opportunities in the respective procurement procedures. Based on the resulting conclusions we create then our specific offer.

Methods of Market Analysis

The analysis must, on the one hand, establish the procurement needs; and, on the other hand, the efficiency of the procurement process. The methods applied in the market analysis are based on our experience and expertise. Generally, they are divided between methods of primary and secondary market research; the primary market research will be used for the collection of assigned new data, and the secondary will draw on existing data for the respective examination of relevance. Examples of methods of primary market research are surveys, observations and experiments. In the secondary market research analysis methods that take the existing data with regard to the facts to be examined under a microscope are usually used.

Based on the data collected in the market analysis, a plan for the way to proceed further for the participation in the respective tendering procedures will be developed. Here, it should be distinguished between tenders of commercial or private nature and public tenders. Public tenders are called open procedures upon reaching certain thresholds. In contrast, there are restricted procedures for which thresholds reached from restricted procedure. The difference between public procurement and tendering limit lies in the number of companies that were granted the possibility to submit tenders. In the former case, these are endless; in the latter, limited. Furthermore, there it is to be distinguished, in addition to the variants described so far, between commercial and private tenders. The difference here is that in this case, as opposed to public procurement, one is not subject to any formal requirements of the procurement law. Therefore, different methods have traditionally prevailed in this market. These include, among others, the service demand, the price request, the invitation to tender and the extension to the invitation to tender. With the introduction of e-procurement, private and commercial sector increasingly contract auctions can take place via the Internet.

Maximum Chances of Success

With the findings acquired by the market research a report with regard to the opportunities in contract award procedures is prepared and an offer with good possibility of success can be made by us. After taking account of the applicable law, the tender with the lowest cost does not win the award, but the one offering the best economic value and this can be determined on the basis of predetermined criteria. Thus, we can guarantee that we can contribute with our expertise and experience to maximize your chances of a successful award.

Sometimes it is enough if you are supported as a company with the associated with procurement procedure formalisms. We often participate in public procurement procedures and therefore can demonstrate relevant experience. The potential of the procurement markets is enormous – that’s no secret. For this reason, small and average size enterprises want to participate in this lucrative market. But the requirements are high. Who, as bidder, allows himself/herself even a small mistake in the procedure, most of the time is spotted by the client immediately. This is particularly a setback as a tender takes a lot of time, money and human resources. “It is a difficult market. Who does not know the rules of the game […], has no chance, «said Andrea Bernert-Bürkle, expert at IHK Munich and director of Auftragsberatungszentrum Bayern (ABZ) (Counseling Center Bavaria). That is why it is even more important in the course of the formalities to pay attention to the tiniest little things. For example, it is important for bidders to provide their entire service profile and references, so this can be considered in the further processing of the application in terms of potential clients. These prefer namely often companies that have overcome the difficulties of similar orders – both in terms of performance per se, as well as in terms of the size of the contract. Further formalities include the provision of complete and current documents, as required, Verification of suitability and possibly maintenance contracts for equipment, etc. are also sometimes required. All this must be provided in time to allow the application to be considered. These and other formalities can decide on who wins the tender.

In our team, we have a lawyer and procurement experts who know the mindset of the awarding bodies and will to all the extent it is possible, support you. We bring you safely through the various hurdles of an award procedure.

Before participating in a procurement procedure, a market analysis is necessary. The relevant market is in terms of the crucial factors, such as the relevant products and pricing, examined and evaluated. If you participate in a procurement procedure, you have the right also to certain information. Of course you have to be notified to the participants the relevant product requirements. Thus, you will learn what is actually customary. Of course, the requirements qualities must be notified to the bidders. And, of course, you will also learn who your competitors are and how their pricing looks.

The developed in the market analysis are important prerequisite for successful participation in a procurement procedure. Although the market analysis varies depending on different scopes, they can be divided in the following basic areas of study and research areas: environment, industry analysis, sales analysis, distribution analysis, customer analysis and competitive analysis. Below, you will find briefly some key points of the study areas listed. The framework conditions are requirements and changes affecting the company, such as laws, rules, techniques, procedures, etc. In the industry analysis we focus on the economic analysis of the industry in which we operate. The sales analysis speaks for itself – it is about to sales. Possible distribution channels for a profitable possible market are examined in the distribution analysis. The customer analysis looks at the company and its products from the customer’s perspective and needs; and the competitive analysis examines the products of competitors and their market position, as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

The comprehensive information and data collection under the market analysis is a prerequisite for all further steps in the course of the procurement procedure. Its goal is that your business can prevail over the other companies in relation to the award procedure. Of course, you are entitled to the compiled information for internal use in your company, so you can apply this also to situations outside of the procurement procedure. This could, for example be, the recognition of social and technological trends, the assessment of your products from the customer’s perspective, knowing your market position relatively to your competition or just a decision aid with key business decisions – all with the goal to ensure a long-term success of your company.

The awarding authorities outline the requirements and conditions of their procurement procedures often unaware of the economic, technical, or logistical circumstances. Here it is necessary to pass helpful information and, if appropriate, to object to unfair provisions.

There are numerous examples of such unfair regulations for the customer, even if these are often difficult to prove. Incorrect procurement procedures are sometimes used that make that tenders are executed nationally although they should have probably taken place at the European level or, in some other cases, some tenderers unjustifiably enjoy a preferential treatment over other. To recognize and act against such unfair practices, it is necessary to have the required expertise and in particular some experience with the usual procurement procedures. Furthermore, it can also happen that tenders are canceled despite existing deals. A clever formulation that allows a misreading or distortion of the data and facts may influence the award procedure unfairly. As an entrepreneur you also have certain rights that you are entitled to use. We help you and offer our know-how and experience in order to support your business in every situation throughout the procurement process.

A significant factor for the client is, for example, the determination of the contract value. Because this will decide in which category the bid is filed, to what extent certain thresholds can be exceeded, and determines the award procedure to follow. The contract value is estimated in accordance with § 3 of the Procurement Regulations (VgV). What is not allowed under procurement law is the allocation of the overall contract after division into several smaller contracts in order not to exceed the threshold value, to thereby obtain the benefits of treatment of an order under the threshold and, for example, perform a national award procedure. If such a division of a contract is established, it can – besides the fact that the award procedure must be repeated – also lead to claims for damages in favor of other competitors. A deliberately lower estimate of the contract value is also not permitted and can trigger the appropriate legal consequences.

For these and other reasons, it is therefore necessary to carry out extensive market analysis and to avoid any errors in the application process. These errors can consist of, for example, unconscious errors arising from a lack of knowledge about the details of the procurement procedures and the procurement law. To avoid this, we offer our expertise and experience.

Our goal is your successful completion of the tender procedure. As a competent partner, we offer our expertise and our many years of experience to help you achieve this goal. We accompany you every step of the way to achieving the goal, we assist you in an advisory capacity and provide you with information collected and with collected data. With us, you have found the right partner for participating in a tender.

If you know that you meet the requirements to bid, if your product meets the technical requirements and you can estimate with what price their fiercest competitor will likely offer, then an order will be placed and a successful conclusion of the tender will happen for you, nothing stands in the way.

Do not hesitate and let us look together with you for the right path. Public procurement accounts annually from 8% to 14% of gross domestic product. Take part in this large market and get your share from it. Maximize your chances of successful bid with the help of our expert and professional advice. Your goal is our goal and together we can achieve it.


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Customer Testimonials

“We are a medium-sized company and are as such facing major challenges with our own operational technical tasks. We urgently needed professional help with general business knowledge as well as with current expert general knowledge. Your consulting firm has been recommended to us and we are pleased to have chosen you. Likewise, we use this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and successful collaboration. With your help we were able to meet the conditions of participation for successful tenders. Once we decided to work together with you, we found that we were able to define our corporate goals better. Your trained team brought our company to a local and international success. Nice to have you! We are happy to recommend you continue as a consulting company for medium-sized companies and would like once again to thank for your helpful assistance.”

“Customer feedback is the best basis for a good company. We are a good company and with your cooperation, we are an even better company. Therefore, we thank you for the excellent advice of your consulting firm. You and your team supported us in the procurement procedures of a tender and helped us to reach our great success while enabling us to participate. Through your excellent knowledge and experience with the procurement procedures you were able to help us to overcome our inhibitions. Together, we have achieved the tasks and found solutions to the problems. Your warm and open nature has inspired us and we appreciate you very much. With your help, we are hopeful that we will be successful on the market in the long term. We would like to hire you again at any time in the future. In addition, having versatile contacts with other medium-sized companies, we are delighted to recommend your company.”

“To participate in a tender procedure requires time and experience. We did not possess any of these two, but we did not want to feel deprived. Therefore, we, as a medium-sized company, turned to you. The excellent knowledge and experience of your team has helped us so that we were in a position to win. You have shown us that a relatively straightforward participation in a procurement procedure can bring us valuable information about the market situation. Your analysis phase in which you gained a thorough understanding about our offer, helped you to get an idea of what is our company. At the same time it helped us to our great success. We hereby would like to thank for your great help with our participation in a procurement procedure and wish you continued success. We hope that we can help you here with our recommendation.”

“We are a medium-sized company and have to cope with many jobs. We have neither the time nor the expertise to participate in a tender. Therefore, we used to not participate in the tendering procedure. Then we heard about you. You have taught us that we are entitled to certain information and have enlightened us with your analysis of our company. That was great! In this way, we could just leave you our problems. Your grandiose team has taken care of us with great enthusiasm and brought us over the first hurdle. Patiently your professional staff has told us the various stages of the procurement procedure and to care of everything. We had great confidence in it. Your company has given us great success and we are very grateful to you. We are glad to be your friend and will recommend you any time to any other medium-sized businesses we know. We wish you every success in supporting SMEs.”


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